Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This photo -- from the binders of pix I had on the table at my exhibit -- is one of the extremely rare pix I have not cropped at all. And on which I only did some very slight brightening. Accident of lighting and location, I'd say. Not that I don't always look for the "best" way to frame a shot, but for various reasons I rarely have the luxury of doing what I'd really like to. I almost always have to take a much larger photo -- knowing I'll crop out what's extraneous and adjust the lighting/color. (E.g., my badly arthritic knees and left ankle don't permit my clambering in over rough ground to get the best angle. I'm reminded again of what I read somewhere: photographers work from their knees. :-D)

We are fortunate here in the retirement community where I live to regularly have lovely floral arrangements in the front office/dining room area. Most are done by one of our fellow residents, Peggy, with flora from our own gardens. I'm not sure who did this one, but I suspect that it's one of Peggy's. At any rate, its placement intrigued me due to all the reflecting surfaces around it. It's on a glass table top, those butterflies below are iridescent, and the window behind to the left has reflections on reflections in it. It sort of visually echos for me how our mental reflections can radiate from one central experience or thought. Another reason -- beyond it being sort of pretty -- that I often use it for a birthday note card.

And here's an entirely different sort of take on one of those vases of flowers in our front office, titled "Hour Glass" (not in the exhibit):

Peggy would probably be aghast that I've cut off her flowers! :-) However, the shape, texture, and lighting on the vase and surrounding surfaces, took over my interest. "Hour Glass" is cropped, by the way, to isolate/highlight the relationship of the areas I found intriguing.

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