Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Argh! "Mellow Yellow" (4-24-14 002v2) is another of those pix that blogger just won't post in the color showing on both Photoshop and Microsoft Picture Manager. When I first posted it here it was a sickly greenish yellow. I had to fool with it extensively, turning it into black and white, then bringing it back to yellow, to get it to appear here even close to the original color. This is a big disappointment as I had thought I'd figured out the editing function I was using that was causing this color discrepancy problem and I've not been using it. But it seems it's not the only function that gives blogger fits. Or rather, gives me fits. Sigh. (I'm more and more inclined to think that blogger's color spectrum just doesn't have the variety of shades that other programs do. Which would make a wee bit of sense as blogger was not designed as a photo editing program but as a blog platform.)

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