Saturday, July 8, 2017


"Digger" (5-27-17 018v2) was just now morphed from a month old pic. More of those fabulous eucalyptus tree root systems I so love looking at and snapping pix of. Nothing much else to say as I obviously tortured it endlessly. Great fun, especially since my mood is more than questionable. Some of the earlier versions beneath this were even darker and creepier in affect. Hey, better to torture a pic than to act out in some way, ey? :-)

NOTE: In most browsers you can click on a photo to view a larger version. There are many more photos posted here than show at any given time on scrolling down. See the Archives listing in the right hand column (below “Previous Posts”). And here’s the link if you wish to read an Introduction, Background, & Technical Aspects post about this blog.

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‘til next take, may you enjoy life in the ever changing light,

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