Friday, July 1, 2011


Welcome to the third post for this new blog dedicated only to my photos and comments thereon. Blogger has made a lot of changes since I last started a blog and my old brains are getting addled. (Why oh why do folk fix things when they ain't broke? :-D) But I'm hoping to be able eventually to get all the "boiler plate" info below into the sidebar. Could easily do that in older blogger versions. But their html coding is now almost unrecognizable (to this old lady, at least) so I haven't yet figured out where to insert my own stuff! And all those widgets and gadgets gumming up the works!

Enough grouching ... the photo above is untitled and another of those I'll be showing in my July 24th exhibit in the retirement community in which I live. It was was taken on the second floor landing by our elevator. I've been exploring abstract photos more and more, and I added that white border only for display here. Though without the border was also really OK. I only like the border slightly more as the white edge does make it look like a snapshot. Which, of course, it is. :-) The photo actually, IMHO, looks best on a totally white page.

Here's the uncropped (original) version:

I knew when I took it I was only interested in the rain and shapes on that wet plastic chair. But did not know exactly what portion I'd wind up leaving in a picture until I got to trying different ways of cropping it. Which is why I didn't take a closer shot. I wanted to leave plenty of room to fool around in. This was actually a "toss off" picture, as I heard the elevator arriving and one can wait quite a while for it. Or I'd have taken another one or two shots from different angles. In this case, I lucked out with a "toss off." In fact, "toss off" shots can sometimes be better than those I stand and fuss over before taking them. Could just be accident, but could also be intuition (not over-thinking the shot). :-)

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