Monday, September 17, 2012

The Escape Artist is a brand new photo. I was hoping to find a way to make use in photos of that fence recently erected around my favorite patch of cannas. Not sure I've succeeded but I had fun trying. It's actually a white fence; I color inverted and did some other editing as well. I'd have stood at a distance to take the shots but one can't -- the only space between it and a wall and building is a narrow walkway. So I took this picture (and one other) with my butt against the railing. I could go inside the fence and shoot from the other side but that, of course, would totally change what canna arrangement I'm looking at, the light, etc. And I was intrigued by this particular batch of cannas.

Here's another version of "The Escape Artist," called Pastel Class. Not sure of that title; I'm playing with how it began to resemble an oil pastel in "texture":

And below is Nose Dive. Someday I'll remember to take some really close-up shots of these canna leaf stripes. I tend to become fascinated with them only once I see them on my computer screen and then it's too late -- wishing won't improve the focus much at that point. An initial tight shot would have made a difference here, though the picture may be non-representational enough for it not to matter.

NOTE: In most browsers you can click on a photo to view a larger version. And here’s the link if you wish to read an Introduction, Background, & Technical Aspects post about this blog.

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