Sunday, February 9, 2014


In A Dry Season (2-8-14 023v4) is a brand new photo, just worked on late last night. A lot of the pix in this new folder just didn't come out. Twilight is a hard time for my camera, and I also tried getting some very distant mountain shots. Hey, it was fun trying. The setting sun had lit up the distant foothills like gold and there were grey clouds hovering closely above them with some puffs of white. And the entire foreground, from right in front of me up to those mountains and sky, was pretty much silhouetted. I just kept thinking, "There's gold in them thar hills!" Well, to get back to "In A Dry Season," it was a toss away shot as I entered our retirement community's front gate. The sun was still lighting up that area that's brightest in this photo and I liked that contrast. I barely framed the shot, though, especially as I've had frustrating experiences before trying to get pix of this little garden. But I thought, why not? It can simply join all those mountain shots I'm fairly certain won't come out either. And the original for "In A Dry Season" did turn out to be problematic. However, I'm content with what I did to it in Photoshop and MS Picture Manager. And all the failed pix? I rarely wind up looking more thoroughly at things than when I'm photographing or writing about them. And that's always a delight in and of itself.

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