Monday, August 7, 2017


"Point of Balance" (8-7-17 001v2) was just taken on my walk to the beach overlook earlier today. I like it a lot, despite some bits I tried changing but could not without messing with the entire pic to its detriment. I've been trying out Photoshop's "lasso" function in which you draw a line around a discrete area that will be the only place in the pic the function or filter you then select will be applied. It's worked nicely in some pix, but not in this one or those dark box/stumps on the middle right would be a wee bit lighter and show a little detail. As to the title: I really wanted to call it "Byzantine Cross" but the lowest horizontal bar is usually tilted. It also makes me think of the three tiered cross on the end of a staff that The Hierophant (also known as The Pontiff or The High Priest) in The Tarot is almost always holding. But didn't know what that would be called other than triple cross (?). So gave up and went with "Point of Balance," referencing my sense that by placing myself where I did to snap the pic I felt that the world was briefly all balanced. Well, at least that of the world I was looking at at the moment. :-) I also have to admit to a feeling of rebellion. Those who've studied and those who teach photography always heavily emphasize not totally balancing a pic. I once said to a trained photog I know that it's true and I usually work to avoid stultifying balance -- but that once in a great while balancing a pic completely is very effective. I'd like to think that it works here.

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