Sunday, July 3, 2011


This photo, too, will be in my July 24th exhibit here in the retirement community where I live.

I try to avoid cropping a photo to any shape other than the usual vertical or horizontal rectangle in the proportion of 640 X 480 or 480 X 640 pixels. (I do actually use a 680 X 480 or 480 X 640 size as I find it the best for posting to the web and attaching to emails, and even on my own desktop. Though Adobe does also always have the original 2736 X 3648 pixels uncropped, unedited size, too.) I can print out any square or other non-480 X 640 or 640 X 480 proportion photo on my own printer with no problem. However, when I submit for printing online their auto-system does it's own re-cropping -- sometimes in disastrous ways -- of anything other than 640 X 480 or 480 X 640 pixels proportions. However, the website's prices are far better than what it costs me to print myself. Especially in large quantities and when they have special sales -- which, of course, I watch closely for. So I only crop differently when the photo absolutely demands and seems worth it. The above Headlights cried out to me for this long crop. In fact, it just did not work in any other proportions. I'll have to print it out myself. Ah, the sacrifices we make for our art! LOL!

Comment from my editor's eye: I wish the stamens in the blooms' centers were in better contrast. However, the overall "twin star" shape of the blooms captivates me. So I live with the slightly unclear centers. I think this unclarity is due to my camera's difficulty -- or more probably its techno-phobe user's :-D -- with white or very bright color. I did try tweaking it a bit in one of my photo editing programs that is often good at improving contrast, but it did not help. At least not without negatively impacting the overall quality of the picture.

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