Thursday, May 4, 2017


"The Rose from the Sea" (4-19-17 018v2a) is a perfect example of the sort of patterns I love to photograph. Even as I'm trying to frame a realistic shot like this one, I'm already thinking of the various things I might want try with it once I've got it at my mercy on my computer screen. I hasten to add that what I think as I snap a pic like this one is always simply the jumping off point. What an "abstract" will ultimately look like is a huge unknown. Here's what "The Rose From the Sea" became after a ton of fudging, "Return of the Roses" (4-19-17 018v5) below:

"Return of the Roses" is a crop of the bottom maybe third of "The Rose from the Sea," flipped on its head and then flipped sideways also. And lots of color and texture work, as well. What fun, for which I'm extremely grateful as its an especially hard day so far. Still can't take long walks and may not be able to for a while. I knew how important the long walks had become in helping me to stay at least partially stable emotionally. But I'd forgotten just how bad things were before I started them, back last July. So finding these roses just begging to be brought out was a morning mitzvah.

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‘til next take, may you enjoy life in the ever changing light,

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