Sunday, October 6, 2013


Slide Into Evening (10-3-09) is another very old photo of mine, just re-worked this morning. Much like yesterday's, it's always drawn my interest but had lots of distracting "schmutz" in the background I had to be willing to use a couple of methods to get rid of. And for some reason, the editing out I did of background showed through a wee bit on first posting here. Never had that happen before. Even after going over that background editing, those vague bits of green are more apparent than when I view the photo in any other program. (And there are little spots I may go after someday, but it's a chore as they don't even show up in the program I need to use!) There's also a little focus issue on the petals, even after sharpening a wee bit. However, the color has me totally seduced, along with the curves of the petals, and those pert stamens and pistils lifting up. So I'm posting it, flaws and all.

As often happens, I couldn't leave this photo at only one version, so here's the other one I just made, The Last Thread (10-3-09):

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