Saturday, February 15, 2014


Crossing Paths (2-8-14a 003v2 2-12-14) is brand new, taken barely two days before the moon was totally full. Given my low-end camera and the low light, it's rather surprising the shot came out even this well. When my friend and I first stopped to gaze at the moon and those jet trails, the trails hadn't yet split to either side of the moon. But when I realized they would be doing so and soon, I fumbled around for my camera knowing full well the chances were zero and next to nothing of a decent pic. Well, next to nothing in this case turned out to be happily mediocre. And I have a record of that intriguing sky dance of moon and trails. Also, had I had more time (i.e., were I able to walk quickly) I'd have framed this shot differently. And, no, it's not possible to crop out more of that distracting flora because I tried that and the quality of the photo degrades even further. ("Crossing Paths" itself is cropped from the much bigger scene of the original.) Yet, given all these givens, I'm content to have this photo.

Then there's this version below, Gotcha! (2-8-14 003v3 2-12-14) which is also sort of fun:

The problem (other than clarity and composition) I have with both these versions is that in having to saturate the colors to bring out those jet trails, the palms also got saturated a bit too much to suit my eye. But, hey, I'd expected nothing from these shots so I should stop complaining and explaining, and be happy with what I have.

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