Saturday, March 11, 2017


"Angling for the Islands" (2-13-17 022v2) was taken the same day as the source pic for yesterday's post. I'm always uncertain about that off-kilter fence in the foreground, but that is how it is. However, it's also why I often crop it out altogether. In this instance, I'm leaving it in as it actually led to the pic's title before I'd even finished cropping, and improving color contrasts, etc. Sigh, whenever I make a title integral to the pic I remember the on-going friendly disagreement I had with a friend here (now deceased...). He felt titles were totally uncalled for and too controlling of what the viewer might or might get from a pic. I would always point out the minute a photog frames a shot s/he is controlling what any viewer will see. And that, at least in my experience, a title can broaden my sense of a pic. Anyway, how's all that for angling for approval for what I still think of as a problem: that tilty fence (smile). BTW, the islands? They're barely peeking out from the clouds on the horizon.

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