Tuesday, February 28, 2017


"End of the Road" (2-27-17 035v2) was just taken yesterday and worked on now (cropping, with a bit of color work and some sharpening). This was my first sighting of these stairs to the sea, as I'd not walked the considerable distance to the road -- Camino del Sur -- leading to it, and then hiked all the way down it before. Those are the Channel Islands beneath those clouds on the horizon that I've shared so many other shots of here, taken in the beach overlook park at the end of Camino Pescadero. BTW, I think the last bit of sharpening I did may have been a mistake. Well, maybe I'll go back to the original (which I always keep of my pix for just such an event) and do it over and stop at less sharpening. Maybe, maybe not. I still really like its mood, as is.

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