Sunday, December 10, 2017


"Autumn Evolution" (12-6-17 017v2g) was fudged with over a few days from a very new pic. (Could you tell? :-D) It's basically the trunk of that fave tree of mine in Anisqoyo Park. I'd suggest clicking on the image to see it in a larger version as it has lots of detail (dots and lines and squiggles). (I'd cross my fingers now that the electricity stays on long enough for me to post this. The Thomas wildfire's really wreaking havoc and still spreading more north and west, which means it's now in Santa Barbara county, where I live. It's a way off yet, but the air quality -- well, it looks more like the start of a very dusty, pale sunset out there now. And electricity has already been on and off several times this morning. It's gotten so I jump when it clicks on or off. However, if that's the worst of it for us in Goleta, I'm endlessly grateful. The news on T.V. reduces me to tears. It was just now noted by a commentator that the fire's closing in on being the largest wildfire in CA history. But that's just a statistic. What really hits me is all the animals [wild and domestic], the trees [they don't seem to ever be mourned], the livelihoods and homes effected ...)

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