Saturday, October 1, 2011


"Eye of the Phoenix" is another old pic from my "needs editing" folder. I worked on it last night. I'm seeing how the light under which I edit sometimes effects color perception. That in itself makes sense. However, there's a weird twist to it. The colors are occasionally brighter, more intense at night, under totally artificial light. However, to my surprise, this pic's colors seem pretty much the same as last night.

I've noticed with a couple recent photos that it's the "warmer" colors that daylight tends to mute (or artificial light brings out?). And of course, it doesn't then necessarily follow that anyone viewing these pix on their computers in either natural or artificial light see colors that are all that much like those I perceive under either condition, given the vagaries of technology. This is frustrating as color is such a vital part of the photography experience, guiding editing choices, especially in my more abstract pix. Actually color is very important to me in all visual art, as well as clothing, home decorating, etc.

This is all the more confounding for me as in order to get colors anywhere close to what I see "live" I have to take a pic in natural light. (And I won't even get into how weather and time of day effects all this.) Yet to then view that photo at its colorful best it seems I sometimes need to see it in artificial light. Sigh. I won't settle this issue now for sure. It's something to stay aware of and see how it plays out as I go along. I wonder if it has to do with my camera? Hm, it's probably just my low level of tech skills.

I'll only add that this issue of color perception has made me wonder about working in black and white. Seriously! Not that I've never considered it before, and haven't made copies of an occasional pic in black and white. I have. And I'm sure there are issues in working with black and white photos, too. :-)

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