Wednesday, December 14, 2011


"Dying of the Light" is one of those photos I like for what it evokes in me, but have problems with -- e.g. poor focus, that chair could be further left or right, etc. It's another shot taken from in front of our one and only, hard-working elevator. A throw-a-way shot, taken as -- you should pardon the pun -- a last shot while the elevator doors opened.

Hm, in a way that sentence above echos the feeling this photo gives me that I also reference in the title. "Dying of the Light" is from that famous poem by Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. (Yes, as I've commented here before, some of my pictures labor under rather heavy titles, I'm afraid.) Of course, any raging at the dying of the light in this picture is hidden. Just as I do my best -- mostly for others' sake :-D -- to put a good face on my own issues as I age even more.

I've actually always wondered at Thomas's use of "good" to describe the night against which old age should rage. It makes me feel the poem is (among other things) also a projection of his own grief at the thought of coming bereavement, since that night is "good." I.e., as opposed to only a recommendation that aging folk rage as we live more and more in the fading light.

I'm going to spend more time with Thomas's poem. It's filled with intriguing intense contrasts I never quite noticed til now, and would like to savor and more fully experience. I'm actually having all sorts of impressions from it I've not had before .... such as maybe it can be read as suggesting a passion and respect for life by folk of any age, i.e. that no one should take this light lightly ....

Sigh. You can set this poet to editing and posting photos, but you can't stop her from feeling her way along via poetry!

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