Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted a pretty flower photo like "Coral Come-Lately." This was taken just a month ago and was among our Memorial Rose Garden's last blooms for this year.

I've not felt much like posting pictures as I've run out of steam for even taking photos. Much less for coping with the critical eye that rises when I'm choosing for sharing. Just this simple picture set me off on a lengthy cropping and re-cropping stint to try to get it "just right." No pleasing me these days, I'm afraid. Even the poetry I'm writing is getting more than my usual editing and re-editing. And both pix and poems bear a more than usually hefty dusting of my disatisfaction.

I could attribute this to S.A.D. (seasonal affect disorder, that I do get in early fall, some years mildly, others more severely, waning gradually in January), but there's other stuff going on, too. Suffice it to say, it will pass. It all will pass ... and come 'round again on life's spirals. Which echoes the center of the rose above. This rose is now gone, but one just like it will be back next fall, spiraling open in beauty. If not on this bush, on some other; if not here in our garden, somewhere. (Well, of course, providing earth abides. But even in the state I've been in I can't maintain an apocalyptic view.) Beauty, awe, joy, spiraling along with the shadows.

NOTE: In most browsers you can click on a photo to view a larger version. And here’s the link if you wish to read an Introduction, Background, & Technical Aspects post about this blog.

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‘til next take, may you enjoy life in the ever changing light,

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