Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I've had "At the Crossroads" (2-27-17 010v2) ready for posting for some time now (the original was taken a month ago). But I have trouble with how dark the shadows are (couldn't do anything with them in Photoshop without messing with other stuff, too). Yet, that is how they look "live" on bright days. Of course, how something looks "live" can have a different effect in a two-dimensional pic. I.e., I think it's the two dimensions of the pic that make the shadows jump out more. However, I like it otherwise. Even the even split at the center (that's a bicycle shop) and the two balanced palms and lamp poles. Sometimes the off-center, "rule of three" just doesn't apply in my book (smile). Of course, that I mention it exposes my worry that others might find the even split and balanced palms and poles a poor compositional choice. Whereas it pleases my (non-professional, but somewhat artistic) eye. I also should really take it back to the full size, uncropped original and re-do it because it's lost a wee bit of focus with all I did to it along the way. Now that I know what to do, I might be able to avoid that wee loss of sharpness without over sharpening (which is how it looks to me now). However, that's an effort for another day when I have the time. BTW, this is a favorite place I often sit in my walker and watch all the activity. (On the corner, outside left of the frame.)

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