Friday, February 9, 2018


"Winter Wind" (8-21-17 009v2g) was fussed some time ago from a pic taken this past August. Again, of some of the trees in that park in I.V. I so enjoy wandering through. As I said here yesterday, I'd planned to take my first long walk in ages to it today. But I had a feeling I'd do better to get a lot of the little chores around my rooms done, and let my right knee have one more day of (relative) rest. LOL...of course, I'm using the time to work here at my computer. Who wants to do house chores? Truth be told, years back when I had knees and high energy, I did enjoy house cleaning and organizing. Well, not so much the doing of it all, as the results. Now the knowledge of how much more tiring and time consuming the doing is, tends to outweigh the presumed results so that I've become a champion procrastinator. One more hazard of old age. But, at least so far in my dotage, I still always have the energy and time for writing poems and fudging at my pix. Today's pic, "Winter Wind," was tortured quite a bit back when first taken. And just now I did some more work on it. To increase the contrast, and to sharpen some of it where the wide angle lens brought in a bit of a blur. This is one of those times that the wide angle lens distortion worked, though. It added to the over-all feeling of wind, stretching some of the leaves at the sides of the pic. I then had only to sharpen those areas a bit, using the Photoshop hand-dandy "lasso" function. Isolating those areas that needed sharpening, from those that didn't. It was a challenge, BTW, to find just how much sharpening to do. I left the entire pic a wee bit "soft" as I feel it better portrays the sense of wind.

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‘til next take, may you enjoy life in the ever changing light,

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