Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was surprised that two people ordered prints of this tree photo, titled "Ganesh Trumpeting." I almost didn't include it in my binder, but it's been a special favorite of mine from the beginning. Literally, it's one of my earliest photos. Ganesh, the elephant headed Hindu God most known as "Remover of Obstacles," is also a favorite of mine. So when I saw an elephant head in this tree I was doubly delighted.

For the most part, though, photos I thought might sell were the ones that did. However, much more important to me for the four hours of the exhibit than sales were the conversations. (And the appreciation. :-D) Folk often commented, in effect, that my pix make the ordinary look special. My pesky teacher self would surface and I'd say that I don't think anything is truly ordinary, that it's all in how we look at. And that that is the gift photography keeps giving me: refreshed and expanding vision, both literally and metaphorically. I even had an opportunity to discuss poetry a wee bit, due to that small booklet of photos paired with my dream poems.

But last night I crashed. There's so much post-exhibit clean-up in my rooms to be done, printing of photo orders, and other projects I'd put on hold until the exhibit was past. Although it's using time I could well use otherwise, I'm looking forward to my shift clerking in our Corner Store this afternoon. It'll be a nice distracting break. (I hope not too distracting. That little store can get into a wee bit of a froth sometimes. :-D)

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