Monday, July 18, 2011


This one is definitely in my exhibit this coming Sunday (agh! already!). The coloring in this photo was one of those many accidents I'm grateful for. The old camera I was working with had even more trouble with bright colors than the one I have now. It often made any cooler, softer shades behind the bright ones odd colors. My theory is that the camera was attempting some sort of color balance, say, between the intensely vivid yellow of this rose by exaggerating any of its complementary color, blue, in the background. And in this instance, the slightly overcast light that day gave the greenery and shadows a very slight blue cast to begin with. So when I had to brighten the pic, voila! -- the background came out somewhat blue. Then, I heightened that blue on the computer. I enjoy this resulting photo as it sort of has one foot itching to step out of the representational into the abstract.

This process -- of taking off from or organizing an accident -- is what the vast majority of my creative activity is about. Writing, drawing, photography, whatever. It's what I'm referencing when I say I follow my nose (gut feeling), and what's right under my nose (what surprises). :-)

Yesterday I made my final choices for the walls of the exhibit. And as it turns out, very few are those I've shared here so far. It was strange to go through my "possible" wall print list that took so long to compile out of thousands and want to use only a few of them. I'd pick a photo from the list yesterday and another would suggest itself in my visual memory that often was not on the list. However, I don't think preparing that "possible" list was a waste. Not at all. It refreshed my visual memory and very probably started my unconscious working on selections with which I'll rest more easy. (There will also be binders of pix -- ersatz portfolios -- that will contain many more photos. Some will be prints I already have of those on the "possible" wall print list. But many won't be as printing is just too expensive and I'll have to put others I already have on hand in the binders.)

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