Friday, July 22, 2011


If I were nailed to the wall and told I had to pick a favorite photo of mine both artistically and technically, this one would be it. It's not that I don't have photos of mine that I like -- to varying degrees. But the idea of a favorite implies some sort of critical photography judgment/expertise that I'm only slowly developing as I go along. And which tends to be fudged by my poetic associations to many photos.

That last sentence makes me laugh. A poet friend of mine many years ago gave up in frustration while trying to make some editorial point about a new poem of mine. She threw up her hands saying "I give up! This piece is totally musically determined for you!" That is, my sense of its inner rhythms and sounds over-rode any other consideration for me. And it's true, "music" has tended to determine my poetry writing decisions. And now a basic aspect of poetry is determining (to some degree) my photos. That is, what the photos or something about them make me think of. In other words, I see many photos primarily as metaphors.

Well, that was as clear as mud (note the metaphor LOL!). The only thing really clear to me about this photo is that I was more delighted to stumble across it than any other pic I've taken so far. BTW, I'm considering changing its title to "Fire and Water," based on a friend's comment as she viewed it. I was never all that happy with "Bejeweled" but it seemed to need a title and that's all I could come up with at the time (Fall of 2010). I'll think more on this once I've recovered from the exhibit. That is, if the one brain cell I have left makes it through the show. :-) Oh, and I suppose it goes without saying that "Bejeweled" will be in it.

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