Thursday, July 21, 2011

An old friend ....

This one will be in my exhibit this Sunday, but not on the walls. In one of those supplemental binders (ersatz portfolios) for folk to leaf through at their leisure. It's back from the early days (summer 2009) when I could take 100 pix a day in my enthusiasm and innocence. Most of them wound up getting scrapped because I just hadn't looked closely enough at what I was snapping. But I could not have cared less. The long walk in beautiful weather and terrain was always a delight. It's something I now miss sorely. As I've probably mentioned here before I can no longer take those long walks, given my arthritis. But I have pictures and memories. I can even remember the particular walk during which I took this photo. And I still live in this place of delightful weather and gorgeous flora, if I have a much more limited range. With an occasional foray outside that range when a friend drives me somewhere. :-)

However, I'm tempted to fuss with this particular old friend above and tone down or color out that green curve of leaf in the lower left. It now seems a little obtrusive to me. BTW, this is something I found, over and over, as I went through my pix preparing for the exhibit. That is, things I'd not seen at all before that need fixing in some way. It's annoying but I guess it's a sign that my "eye" is developing.

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