Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Finally! Got myself to take "just this one shot." Of course, as with potato chips I couldn't just have one and wound up taking 59 photos. (So maybe my "photo block" is broken. :-D) The vast majority of those 59 wound up being deleted, as is usual with any batch I take. But a few went into "needs editing" for further consideration and a few others feel about as finished as any picture (or poem) ever feels. Was it Paul Valery who said something like "poems are never finished, just abandoned"? I'd say that applies to any of my own creative efforts.

I'm sharing those from the part of the batch I took looking down on fiddle head ferns just outside our community's front gate. I was leaning on the railing of a second floor overpass between buildings. This not only provided an interesting angle with light that wasn't too bright, but perfect physical support for my arthritic knees and shoulders.

Here's "Plain Stitch" --

This next is "Seamstress" --

And this is "Dark Intuitions" --

This last one, "Not Only The Sea," is obviously color-manipulated and I'm not sure I've settled completely on the color. (It's maybe only the third picture in which I've gone monochromatic.) --

NOTE: In most browsers you can click on a photo to view a larger version. And here’s the link if you wish to read an Introduction, Background, & Technical Aspects post about this blog.

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‘til next take, may you enjoy life in the ever changing light,

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