Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From A Favorite Corner of My World

Can't tell you how many folk around here say "I know, I see you taking pictures here all the time..." when I mention this stand of leaves is just about my favorite spot on these grounds. I probably have more photos of these leaves than of anything else. Even roses, which I adore. And I have about 3,000 pix now.

These leaves (which produce delightful orange blossoms that start as intriguing almost pink-lavenderish spears) never look the same -- even viewing them only minutes apart. The wind, the sunlight or fog or rain, the season, the clouds, the time of day, the angle, my mood ... all effect what can be discovered here. Their physical abudance offers an abundance of surprises once on my computer screen. I frequently crop a photo of them way down to some fascinating little corner of shapes, shadows, and colors that can wind up almost abstract.

I have to admit that both cameras I've worked with do something odd with the variegated colors of these leaves. Rarely resulting in "life-like" colors. (The one above comes closest to "true" color.) But I greatly enjoy the surprising changes. Both cameras also do something strange with the shapes, often making them look sort of abstract even before I do any cropping. This, too, I have fun with. I suppose if I were taking pix for a plant field guide I might be concerned and read my camera manual, yet again. But for my purposes, my camera brings what is, at least to me, an artistic interpretation to the photo taking. Yes, sometimes it distorts these leaves in a way that does not work. But I have always scrapped far more pix (of anything), than I save. In fact, I've begun to think of the actual picture taking process itself as the "first draft" stage. (An advantage of digital over film. I can imagine I'd be much more into the technical aspects of a camera were I working with film! However, I have been told by a photographer here that you are more likely to "get what you see" in the viewer with film, than digital. Ah well, moot point. I'm not about to switch now, especially given the extra expenses involved. I've read, too, that with advances in digital cameras the differences between them and film cameras are narrowing rapidly. Though how I would ever afford a new and better camera, I don't know. But that's not something that concerns me at all right now. I'm having too much fun working with what I have.)

This pic (and others of these leaves) will be in my exhibit on July 24th.

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