Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here's a sky shot titled "Wish Bones," from those I'm planning to exhibit on July 24th. Sky and landscape pix are especially chancy with my camera. But somehow the storm rolling in that day created decent lighting, or maybe I just had good luck for a change. (Although my camera does have a landscape setting, it's not always all that effective. For instance, I frequently take the same shot in both landscape and portrait setting. Yeah, strange that portrait would work at such a distance but it sometimes is better. By better I usually mean in better focus.)

This was one of many pictures I took that day sitting at an outdoor table by IN-and-OUT burgers. The sky changed constantly and there were two directions in which I had a relatively clear view. I kept quickly putting down my burger or fries or coke to snap a few more pix. The friend with me even kept an eye out for something interesting happening in the sky and drew my attention to not a few of the shots I got that day.

Has any other, um, compulsive "artiste" (LOL) out there noticed this? That your passion can sometimes intrude upon a social situation? Over the decades I've occasionally had to apologize as I scrambled for my pen and notepad in my bag in order to scribble notes for a poem. But photography interrupts rather more often. That is, I do the interrupting as I scramble in my purse for my camera. Then sometimes find it hard to stop taking pix! Fortunately, although the friend mentioned above found this sort of intrusion very annoying when I first started taking pix about 2-1/2 years ago, he's long since become very supportive.

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