Monday, July 11, 2011

"What's in a name?..."

Before I go on about a title for this one, I feel a need to defend it. I don't think many folk will think a shot like this is beautiful or attractive in any way. But I find it very moving and even beautiful. I hasten to add, this is not to say I think it's a great photo. I make no such asssessments of anything (photo, poem, collage, etc.) I create. What I address is simply how the "art" moves me personally. Not that I don't have "artistic" criteria I work to meet in my work. Nor that I don't keep trying to learn more. Just that I'm sharing what about a photo I may like or how it may affect me on viewing it.

Now to a title. Having a hard time with this one and it does require one, I think. I had briefly considered "Br-r-r-r!" taking off on those wilted petals resembling icicles. But think that may trivialize the deep feeling the picture can evoke (at least for me). I've now been considering something like "Gothic Wedding Gown." [NB: now titled "Goth Wedding" (folder 7-17-10)] I was struck once by a comment made by a person who lives a Goth lifestyle that she sees the beauty in everything, even what is usually seen as quite unlovely. The best, though, may be to leave the pic untitled. Especially as I think my urge to title it is a reflection of my desire to defend it.

By the way, this pic is of the same sort of bloom shown in my earlier post here titled "Headlights." Also, this photo was color manipulated from the pinkish to bluish; it just seems to me to be more impactful this way. It will be in my up-coming exhibit.

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