Sunday, September 11, 2011


With the 10th year anniversary of the felling of the Twin Towers in New York city being observed today, I'm acutely feeling the fragility of life. (Especially as I was a life-long resident of New York city at the time the Towers were crashed; I just moved here to California in 2008.) This photo has always brought to mind how fragile and short life is. Even should no one have picked that gorgeous cactus bloom in Shorty's garden, it would not have lasted at peak another full day anyway.

BTW, the sign says "Do No Pick Off / Means You / Please." We have some folk who seem to feel our blossoms are for their private enjoyment. One woman recently used a photo I'd taken of her stolen bloom to make a "Missing..." sign.

Again I'm reminded of 9-11 and all the missing signs with photos of loved ones, posted around the Ground Zero area afterwards, and of so much more. Also about how much has changed in our world since then, and how little. I wish I could think of something positive and uplifting to say with which to close this post. I recall worrying about what the long term effects would be to rescuers from all the chemicals and debris dust in the air, which has since turned out to be a problem for some. Today I can only hope that they are being properly cared for and compensated. And that those who lost loved ones that day have healed.

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