Monday, July 30, 2012

... and Evening Stars is exactly what these were to me as I passed by on the way to dinner, night before last. Especially as I'd tried getting some shots of them that afternoon in bright sun that I was fairly certain would be problematic. So I whipped out my camera and caught this shot in slight shadow. I've taken pictures of these Painted Ladies, as they're called, in years past. Their color is always a challenge as it can tend to shine white -- you can see that in this shot above -- and mess with the clarity of the photo. So this one I'm rather content with. If I had my druthers, that darker "casing" out of which they grow (on their upper left) would be paler. Ah, for the patience and the steady hand to neatly change that area's color.

Below is another picture from that same batch of two days ago, Introversion, taken in our Memorial Rose Garden. It's obviously been subjected to heavy color manipulation and cropping. What can I say? Something called to me from the center of this bright red rose that did not "show up" until it took it into the blue part of the spectrum:

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‘til next take, may you enjoy life in the ever changing light,

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