Thursday, May 2, 2013

The photo above (titled "Red 1" temporarily) is quite new. But just old enough that the blooms in this pot have all now wilted. But what a spectacular display they were! A bit difficult (at least for me) to get any decent shots of being such a full, tumultuous grouping. At the risk of repeating myself, there's one thing (no matter how my pix turn out ultimately) that I love about taking them. Just the process of looking over a scene that's grabbed my attention, wondering about the best angles and distances from which to shoot, means I really see that I'm viewing. It's taught me to look much more closely at things in general, whether taking photos or not. Even more closely than I learned to look when I first started writing haiku.

The next photo, below (titled "Red 2" temporarily) is from that same batch as "Red 1." Warning, another explanation ahead: bright colors (especially white but also these sorts of reds and some yellows) give my camera fits. I think there's a technical adjustment I can make but I've read my manual twice now and always forget just what that might be. However, I must have caught these blooms in just the right light for a change.

And the last below (titled "Red 3" temporarily) is another from that group. The lines of those petals and their texture/sheen really please my eye. Plus those echoing shadows below.

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‘til next take, may you enjoy life in the ever changing light,

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