Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yes, this is the photo title from which I got the name for this blog, and it was in my 7/24 exhibit. These particular flowers are stunning "live." Someone said he'd read those large dark stamens evolved to attract bats. I can believe it! The blooms have, well, the best way I can describe it is a physical hardiness in all that beauty. They're not much bigger than the amarylis blooms I see in this same garden area, but somehow "stronger."

I was delighted to walk by these blooms when the sun was being filtered by the trees near them. I'd tried a few times in previous days to get decent shots and the bright sun ruined the pix. Resulting in what I call "burn out," i.e. all detail in the blooms lost in blank white. I'm fairly certain if I were more technically inclined I could make some sort of adjustment even to my little camera (that has very few adjustable settings) to avoid or at least mitigate this problem. I'm not so inclined. However, this has pushed me to be a little creative. Yesterday I used a piece of paper to create a bit of shade on an area of a shot the sun was intruding directly upon. This involved some balancing, as I had to lean in/over to get the shot, grip my cane, angle the camera with my other hand, and hold the paper against my camera with my pinky. Not to mention deal with the breezes that kept flipping the sheet of paper out of place. :-) (Hm, all this talk of blocking the light in a post titled "Opening to the Light...")

I'm also fascinated by the patterns the abundant leaves of these blooms create. Here's a photo that doesn't work for me, but was an attempt to highlight those leaf patterns:

And with that I'll take my leave. (Awful pun intended :-D)

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