Friday, August 12, 2011


9-23-11: The above is a "P.S. posting" of another version of "Arachne Rising." I think I can give up on this pic. The focus is just not good enough. It's over two years old and taken before I knew to pump up the size of pic the camera was taking. But it's been fun trying to bring out what I see in it. Following is the earlier version and post about this photo ...

Guess I've reached over-load on looking at my exhibit pixs. "Arachne Rising" is another that was not among them. A very old photo that I just recently re-edited. It puts me in mind of what someone said decades ago when viewing my drawings, paintings, and elaborate doodles. (I did a lot of those in years past.) She commented that maybe I should have been a designer for the textile industry. I was never sure how that was really meant. But do believe it was a reference to the repeating patterns that I like to play with.

I'm not totally happy with this pic (that's not to say I ever am with any photo) when I view it with my editor's eye. But that other eye, in the back of my mind, really enjoys all those cross-hatching shadows. However, I may yet revert again to the original of this photo and see if I can't improve it. Ah, that's what my editing eye is noting: this looks more like a draft than a final design. OK, my work's cut out for me.

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