Monday, August 8, 2011


"Laying It All Out" was in my July 24th exhibit. It's one I tend to forget about for some reason and only "re-discovered" when planning the show. I love that sort of sense of "stop motion" those center petals give me as they curve. And though the title does imply the former, have they been caught opening or closing? :-)

A further note on titles. If you'd like to read the post in which I explore my position on whether or not to title a photo or any art, and the comments to it, see "Ready for Company." As I point out in it (before going into what are to me more important issues around titles), planning this exhibit made it very clear to me there's a practical reason for titles. I am likely to remember a title, but never a file number. What I just discovered today is the drawback to my resolve therefore to title all pix as I go along. And making no exceptions, or I'll just wind up with another big list of photos to name. Well, I don't always feel like titling a pic, and even if I do a title is sometimes very hard to come up with. Usually having to spend some time with a title is "no biggie." But when I'm in a rush, as today, it's not much fun. However, I know I'll regret it if I don't keep up with titles. Even with categories (which my pix are also assigned) one untitled pic I recall can be hard to find in the thousands of photos on my computer.

Did I mention I have been maintaining a WordPerfect list of photos by title for some time, that also has file and folder numbers, and a brief description? This ultimately serves best as it's searchable. (Just yesterday I found a pic searching for all with the word "shadow" in the description.) I wonder how other photographers manage. Seriously, I'd love to hear from you in a comment or email if you have other, less complicated ways of locating pix.

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