Sunday, August 7, 2011


The tree trunk in "Even the Broken Help Hold Up the Sky" (from my exhibit) always makes me think of a dancer with her arms above her head. She's pictured doing a little shimmy, in a style exagerrated even for Modigliani. Here's "Cariatide," the painting of Modigliani's that this photo most reminds me of:

Even its name -- Cariatide -- references something I feel about my photo, how that slim tree seems, at least to my eye, to be holding up everything above it into infinity. Like Caryatids, female figures in architecture that take the place of columns or supports.

And what about those fabulous shadow stripes. Those put me in mind of an escalator, which could be going in either direction. Traversing the space that the caryatid keeps open.

Lastly, there's a very old dream in which I'd seen a broken Telamon -- a male support figure in architecture. The dream poem I wrote about it back then includes this line: even the broken help hold up the sky.

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