Wednesday, August 17, 2011


"Tower of Babel" is one of those pix that I just couldn't scrap, yet could not find a way of editing that worked for me. I stumbled across it again this morning and think I can finally rest with this version. Believe it or not this color is only slightly heightened toward the blue. As I've said before here, these leaves tend to come up all sorts of interesting colors without my ever doing anything to them on my computer. When I first noticed this I looked much more closely at these leaves live under the various different types of lighting under which I come across them. And blues and lavender (especially) are there, sometimes strongly and other times vaguely. That last is something I continue to greatly enjoy about photograpy: it prompts me to take the time to look at things ever more closely and deeply.

BTW, I finally found out the name of these striped leaves and their flowers of which I take so many pictures: canna lilies.

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