Tuesday, August 16, 2011


"The Tree of the Possible" -- from my 7-24 exhibit -- is clearly color manipulated. It had been on my computer for well over a year and half, awaiting my doing something to bring out what I feel when I look at that tree live. I tried cropping it, nine ways to Sunday, but nothing was effective. And there was the problem of a bright blue smoker's tent in the background that just created intrusive questions visually. But I'm nothing if not persistent and it finally hit me I had nothing to lose by playing around with colors. When I hit on purple with yellow the photo finally said what I feel when looking at the tree live.

I watched people's puzzled but engaged viewing of this pic on the wall of the exhibit. One man asked if I'd ever seen some famous artist's (can't recall the name) tree painting, so I gather it echos in a small way a well-known picture. I wouldn't be surprised if that painter were an impressionist, as to me this photo vaguely resembles that style (which happens to be my favorite period in art). I just now did an image google for "impressionist trees" and in just the few pages of thumb nail pix I viewed were several that my photo lightly echos.

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