Monday, September 19, 2011


"Missing You" is another two year-old photo. I chose it to post today to sort of clean my visual palate. :-) I've clearly been on a run here with abstracts and flowers so thought a more architetural pic might be in order. It's one of those photos that I liked a lot more back when I first took it. I also note the focus is a little off. It was taken before I knew I could up the dimensions of picture the camera took, so cropping tended to readily mess with focus. But I also see today that it could make a nice photo-note card for my friends "back East" (in New York city where I lived all my life until 3-3/4 years ago) and elsewhere far flung.

Re: photo-note cards. I don't fuss a great deal. I simply put large plain white labels on the backs of post-card sized prints of my pix on which I then hand-write my greeting. Invitation-size envelopes work perfectly. Once in a while I'll make a six card set of photo note-cards with envelopes as a gift.

For photo-note cards I usually order photo prints online from There are lots of other photo websites, I just stumbled across first. They have good deals every so often and I'll stock up on multiple copies of various pix. It's cheaper than printing pix out myself. However, I don't have the same control over the end product with the website. Their automatic cropping is occasionally very annoying, and the focus and color not always what I get on my printer. So for prints for framing or sale I always use my own printer.

The issue of color is one that's somewhat frustrating with digital photos as a whole. The colors I see on my computer screen are what I want to see in any print. But this is not to be. I don't even usually see the same colors on someone else's screen. Even what comes out of my printer is ever so slightly darker that what I see on my own screen. (When that's a problem I will ever so slightly lighten my original temporarily so that the final print will be closer to the original.) Then there's the often slightly different hue of colors in prints I order online. I read somewhere that technology will hopefully catch up with the demand for consistency between what we see and what we get. That seems to me to be a tall order. But given the rapid advances in hand-held and other sorts of devices and technology, it does seem quite probable. Of course, all of what I say here about technical issues needs to be understood in the light of my minimal tech skills and knowledge.

NOTE: In most browsers you can click on a photo to view a larger version. And here’s the link if you wish to read an Introduction, Background, & Technical Aspects post about this blog.

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