Sunday, March 11, 2012


"Beyond the Veil" was taken from Goleta Beach two years ago, while awaiting moon rise. The moon that time of year (as now) was closer to earth and thefore going to look exceptionally huge. None of the later full moon photos came out even passably well. I was using a friend's camera (a rather nice Olympus) but had next to no experience with night shots in general, much less with that particular relatively high-end camera. But it was a lovely photo outing, enjoying a sunset and oohing and aahing over the full moon as it rose majestically above/behind Goleta pier.

But back to this photo above. I had not yet set the camera for night shots as the sun began setting and I began snapping. Some of those before-the-full-moon shots came out fairly well. Though most of them I heavily cropped and edited for composition and other reasons, as I did "Beyond the Veil" above. Below is "What Dreams Awake" from that batch, that I did not feel a need to crop at all and only very slightly color saturated to bring out that sunset. (I believe that's The Channel Islands in the distance.) I could wish for better focus, yet the vagueness may add a little to its dreamy quality:

Last below is "Film Noir," the only full moon shot I kept from the many I ultimately attempted that night. It comes closest to "working" for me, in mood at least, if not technically. It's also probably only the third time I've turned a photo into true black and white:

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