Sunday, May 6, 2012


Two unrelated photos, taken years apart. The one above, "The Visit," was taken in my living room two years ago. That's Kuan Yin in the background. It's a modern colorful version of an ancient chinese statue. Her posture is said to reflect her readiness to get up from where She's sitting and help. Those blossoms were handed to me by a resident as I passed by. And that Royal Dalton teacup and saucer are very special to me; they were given to me by my last New York city roommate when she moved in. We wound up being roommates for 7 years. She's now married with two little children; we're still in touch cross-country.

This second photo below, "Recalling Quoits," is brand new. Not sure what I like about it, but I do like it. Maybe it's all the texture. I color-saturated it somewhat to bring out the colors and also had to sharpen the focus a bit as it's cropped from a much larger picture. I remember the childhood game called ring-toss, also called quoits. I so much more liked those sets that had braided rings, than the smooth plastic ones most ring toss games came with.

It seems these photos aren't entirely unrelated. They both bring up happy memories.

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