Friday, June 15, 2012

"Lights & Shadows" (greeting card in two versions)

Recently, I posted my first effort at designing a greeting card using my photos (click here to see that post). I've since designed and had sample cards printed for six additional cards. The above, "Lights & Shadows," is one of those and probably my favorite second only to that first effort.

These cards are all 5"X7" on good weight card stock, blank inside, and come with an envelope. I'd thought I'd have a sample book for folk to order from at my photo exhibit in July, but have since cancelled the show. Not sure what I'll do now as I definitely do not feel like getting into even the simplest of marketing. (I've ear-marked a couple of the sample cards I have as birthday cards for friends. I'd continue to order and use them this way, only they're not cheap to have printed.) This may wind up to be another creative effort of mine that just sits there, questioningly, and that other folk encourage me to pursue in some way. Ah, well, I've plenty else to be concerning myself with for the foreseeable future. And it was great fun to design these cards. Not to mention how surprised I am each time I see them. (Did I really design those? :-D)

OK, since posting the above I've had some feedback about that photo in the lower right on which I changed the colors. Sigh. It makes folk uncomforable as it's not the natural colors. Normally, I'd leave it as is, going with my own vision. I think it works because of all the angles and shadows, and the green that echos the green in the photo above it. However, this is not just for my own personal enjoyment but, as a greeting card design, supposedly also for "public consumption." Therefore, others' discomfort with those changed colors does carry more weight than it might usually. So, here's a revised version, returning the colors of the picture in the lower right to normal:

And, to be honest, I can now see how the changed colors in the original version of this card sort of make that photo jump out a bit from the group of pictures. Ack. It's such a difficult process to figure out when to stay true to my inner vision and when it's good to make changes based on others' responses.

NOTE: In most browsers you can click on a photo to view a larger version. And here’s the link if you wish to read an Introduction, Background, & Technical Aspects post about this blog.

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‘til next take, may you enjoy life in the ever changing light,

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Anonymous Bob Romanelli said...

I love the card at the top. Exquisite.

June 16, 2012 at 8:39 PM  
Blogger Roswila said...

Hm, so you like my first version, which is also my favorite of the two. Sigh. I really get so caught up in trying to take in critiques that I often wind up doubting my own initial urges and leanings. Ah well, some problems have no solutions. And maybe I'm taking this all way too seriously. Tempest in a teapot, and all that ....

June 17, 2012 at 1:39 PM  

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