Sunday, June 10, 2012


I'm not all that enamored of either of these pictures today. But I'm headachey and more than usually impatient of finding photos I really want to post. So I settled on these somewhat experimental ones to share that have things about them that I do like.

I've been following "The New Kid on the Block" (above) for some time as it gradually extends upward. It's now begun opening some small, sort of trumpet-shaped blossoms, spaced singly along the branch. It's actually a somewhat deeper blushing orange color, but I've not been able to get a shot that comes out any closer to it than this one. Each time I pass it I'm amused again by how it stands at a distance from those familiar orchids blooming away in the background, even as it echos their dance. It's in a pot on the sidewalk, and is the first time it's bloomed. (It may be an altogether new plant in that pot than in seasons past; I don't know for sure.)

Not sure why I was drawn to crop "Three's A Crowd (2)" this way, nor why I like these changed colors. I can only say I enjoy the contrast of textures implied between the central thorny stalk(s) and the two fleshy side groups, and how I can readily project a sense of caution and care onto this arrangement. Also, I find the somewhat water color effect pleasing and the way the curve of the thorny branch and the pot (vague, background) echo each other creating an interesting shape between them. But ultimately I'm not clear whether this photo (as currently edited) works. Hm, as I typed that I realize I do really like this photo and that it really does work ... for me. The problem is I think it probably runs afoul of a lot of others' artistic and photographic expectations and beliefs. Expectations and beliefs be darned, I've posted it. :-)

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