Saturday, November 16, 2013


Claiming the Morning (2-22-11) above and Climbing the Night (2-22-11) below are from the same long-in-the-tooth photo.

"Claiming the Morning" teetered on degrading (getting those tiny little boxes) at a few points along the way. And I really didn't think it would accept being color inverted, producing the second version ("Climbing the Night"). I've considered using degraded photos as "sketches," if you will, for actual paintings or drawings. Because when a photo seems to be degrading I give up on whatever was pulling me forward and move in another direction, or scrap it and start from scratch. In either case the original "vision" is lost. So if I used the about to degrade photo as a jumping off point for a painting or drawing I might be able to follow the original idea down. Ah well, maybe when there are more than 24 hours in a day I'll try that. AhHAH! Maybe I could paint/draw right on a printout of an about to degrade photo (any photo, actually). However, that would take things in another direction entirely. But still worth a shot, some day.

And because I also like the older version posted here before from which the above two were drawn, here it is again, titled Raveled Sleeves (2-22-11):

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