Friday, July 29, 2011

More light talk ...

Yesterday I talked about how sunlight effects my photography attempts. Especially how I'd used a sheet of paper to block some intrusive bright sunlight from a shot I was trying to capture. Here's the result of an earlier -- and first -- use of this "technique." I loved this little lone calla and the way the light was playing around with it and the leaves. But I knew from too much experience that most of the light was way too bright for my poor little camera (and my poor technical skills) to cope with. That is, all I was likely to wind up with on my computer screen was a large white blank spot and probably smaller ones in the surrounding leaves. So I dug in my purse for a sheet of paper and experimented with shading this little scene in various ways. When I hit on the stamen only being "cupped" by the light I snapped away ... and hoped.

This one was in my recent exhibit, and a copy sold.

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