Sunday, July 31, 2011

A thankful post ...

This untitled photo was not in my July 24th exhibit, but was on the flyer. It garnered some really nice comments just from that small exposure. I thought of it today as I had a dream about my mother last night and her favorite color was yellow. So, this is in grateful memory of Mama.

This rose was one of several yellow ones in various stages of growth that I took pix of that day. The light was just right. No longer directly on that side of the gardens inside our front gate. Yet still bright enough for good focus. At least for the automatic settings on my little camera. :-D

One of our residents maintains a large section of that garden. (It's beneath a fabulous tree, which I'm sure I'll be posting pix of here, too.) She keeps it filled with potted blooms of the season. So there's an always morphing array of flora for me to photo. What fun! Thanks, Benny. In fact, I should probably take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the residents who work in our grounds' gardens. Administration hires professionals for lawn mowing and the pruning of trees and such. But everything else is handled, one way or another, by residents.

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